A Billion Years Ago: Jove collides with the 42 planets, and the God of Life is destroyed.

AD 2150: Immortal Project begins; Earth is united and begins work on the Immortal Project, the creation of Super-Humans who are completely resistant to aging, disease, are heavily conditioned, are highly intelligent, much larger than humans, require no sustenance, and have been carefully manipulated not to be able to go crazy.

AD 2200: Ark Project begins; Earth, united under the 110 Immortals, begin work on the Ark Project, the construction of enormous ships, designed to travel towards the planet Jove, as well as a few others. The Ark Project consumes all of Earth's attention at this time. The Arks are made out of artificial elements that withstand pretty much anything, with the exception of very high speed impact. The Humans in these Arks are genetically superior humans, they live much longer than normal and are hardier, as conditions on Earth only get worse as time goes on.

AD 2250: Ark Project is launched with the simultaneous emergence of the God of Destruction. The Destruction of the Planet takes several months, and a few Arks do not leave Earth. The population of Earth has been heavily curtailed over the last 100 years to try to ensure that there are very few who are left behind. The Humans on the Arks are put into cryosleep, while the Immortals stay awake, on call in case things go wrong, and are put into pairs, 2 on each Ark. There are, at this point, 51 Arks that are accounted for. The trip to Jove is around a thousand years.

AD 3250-3550: The first Arks crash into Jove; out of the 51 Arks that made it into space, 40 end up crashing into Jove. The majority of these fall into some sort of ocean, with the result of many millions of people drowning before waking up, as well as some Immortals who found themselves unable to get out of deep caves or radioactive zones. However, many Arks are completely destroyed upon landing, and the Immortals quickly establish settlements around the Arks, while also sending scouts to find the other Immortals. However, because Jove is so vast, and the terrain so unpredictable, it takes about 1000 years for Jove to establish a consolidated Human state.

AD 3550 - 4550: Humanity survives over this period, despite interference from the Gods, and the chaotic nature of the planet. The Immortals maintain strict rule, and through their extremely farsighted plans the average Human society at this time was roughly equivalent to 1700s Europe in terms of technological advancement. Immortals also never went to war against one another, at each opportunity creating alliances and attempting to share resources. This proved incredibly fruitful, as the staunch Human resilience to the many perils on Jove was not enough to get through this time without the help of the Immortals.

AD 4550 - 5000: The Immortal War; Faced with increasing pressure from the Gods, Humanity, guided by the Immortals, now united under one Human state, declare war on the Gods, with one exception, an Immortal who had fallen in love with his pair on the long trip over. He was devastated by his pair's death in the crash, and was in mourning. The War lasted 400 years, and devastated the entire planet. All the Human civilizations were razed, and all the Immortals except The Mourner were destroyed by the Gods. The Gods themselves were very weakened by this, and afterwards were unable to do pretty much anything, except give parts of their Godhood to others.

WA 1 - 5000: The Reign of the Emperor: The Mourner, upon realizing he was the only being on the planet with any ability to rule, established himself as the Emperor of All Beings of Jove, and began a new calender beginning with his coronation. This was named after his wife, WA stands for Winter's Age. Throughout this time the Emperor unites the scattered humans of Earth, as well as establishing a series of enormous cities where he could consolidate his power. He was largely successful, and while Humanity did not enjoy as much success as before, they achieved a Dark Ages level of civilization during this time, with the threat from the Gods being very much lessened, and the guiding hand of the Emperor, Humanity survived. In about WA 4980, the Prince of Ravens and the Blood Princess are born, through a deal made with a Champion (Immortals are normally sterile).

WA 5000: The Death of the Emperor: The Emperor is killed by the Prince of Ravens, who is compelled by the Blood Princess. The Empire crumbles into city-states, and the Prince and Princess quickly establish themselves as small nations. There is no major conflict over the next 300 years, with the various states (now no longer simply Human) sometimes in cooperation or minor conflict with each other. The result is not much technological progress, but nothing is lost either.

WA 5300 - 5500: The Prince of Raven's Crusade: The Prince of Ravens loses his city, Ruin, in 5300, to the Endless Army. After traveling for many years and gathering various allies, he loses the key battle against the Endless Army, but recaptures his city, where he holes up and waits. He is then assassinated while in this city, but wakes up in the Forest Library after planning by the Blood Princess.

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