The 42 gods of Jove were surprised to find beings that were almost as strong as them accompanied the humans in their Arks. There were 102 Immortals that accompanied the humans, but only 80 made it to Jove. The other Arks were lost in transit, or destroyed by some means. When the landed, the Immortals made a policy of usually killing the other Immortal that they were with, in order to secure the huge settlements that began to dot Jove's surface. This was not always the case, however, and after a few thousand years, the 51 remaining Immortals declared themselves to be in alliance against the Gods. The war that was fought was enormous, and destroyed many of the Arks and many humans that lived in them. Many of the cities and other settlements too were destroyed, but the Immortals were defeated, and the Gods were so weakened that they were unable to take solid form again. Thus, the Champions were born, who could carry out Gods wills' for them.

One reason for the destruction of the Immortals was the non involvement of one of the strongest of their species. Later known as The Emperor, this Immortal declined to act for either party, preferring to sit out the war and be a bystander. This allowed him to seize control of the remaining humans and cities after the other Immortals were defeated.

Another reason for the defeat of the Immortals was an attack of mutually assured destruction performed by their leader, who attempted to detonate the cores of many of the Arks during a meeting with the Gods. This not only killed all the Immortals, but almost destroyed the Gods as well. It was this event that caused the North and South Poles to become the same place. The meeting was held at the South Pole, and the resulting explosion caused an anomaly.