After the Prince of Ravens is defeated, he gathers his few remaining Elite Guard for a last, desperate attack on the Endless Army. They are all killed, except for the Prince who is captured and thrown into The Gaol, the God of Reincarnation's "body", a huge underground labyrinth. Within The Gaol, the Prince wakes up every day with no memory of the previous days in The Gaol, and eventually makes it out of his cell. The Prince is called to by a man, who tells him that he knows the way out, if the Prince would follow him. The Prince frees the man, who leads him through winding corridors and eventually to a large, sparsely decorated open chamber, where a woman is giving birth. The man encourages the Prince to help deliver the baby, and when the baby is held up to the Prince, he falls unconscious and repeats the day again.

After a number of times repeating this cycle, the Prince is about to deliver the baby when a hole appears in the air and the Blood Princess hands him a knife, drunkenly saying "trust me, kill the baby, kill the mother, go to the back wall of the chamber." Taking her advice, the Prince kills both the baby and mother, pushing the protesting man away from him and eventually killing him too before finding a ladder at the back of the chamber leading to a trapdoor in the ceiling. The door leads to an enormous courtyard, and the Prince collapses from exhaustion when he reaches the top. The Prince removes his tooth, which is in fact a tiny ocarina, which is a gift from an old friend of his, and blows through it, knowing it will summon this friend. After some time, he hears trumpets and bells and marching, signalling his friend, Tang, has arrived.