Tang is a minor character in the Prince of Ravens story.

Tang rescues the Prince from The Gaol, after he summons her using her gift, a tiny ocarina that replaces one of his teeth. The Prince was given this tiny summoning device after helping Tang with a problem many years prior.

After rescuing the Prince, Tang takes him to her kingdom, a series of enormous pillars that jut into the sky, atop which lie various buildings, or small towns, or single rooms, depending on the size of the individual pillar.

Tang takes the Prince to a small, private pillar, and proceeds to dress his wounds and restore his health. However, after the Prince comes to, Tang attempts to seduce him, causing the Prince to push her away and deny any desire to be with her (Tang doesn't know about his relationship with the Blood Princess). This is because Tang is a Pearl, within a human shell, and wants to produce Immortal offspring. Tang grows furious, and hurls him off the pillar, luckily not too far from the Blood Princess' city.