There are 4 main types of sentient fauna on Jove:

Humans (Self Explanatory)

Immortals: Emperor was the last (known) immortal on Jove, Prince of Ravens and his siblings carry the Immortal genes and can be considered as Immortals.

Shells: Inhabited by Pearls, Shells are constructed of indestructible material, they don't grow and are not destroyed, and there are a finite number. Shell's consciousnesses, Pearls, die, and so new ones are reproduced and the new Pearl inhabits the old Shell. The new Pearl also absorbs the consciousness of the old Pearl, and so the lineage is contained with each Pearl.

Clouds: Made up by Fairies, Clouds are a swarm of individual consciousnesses contained within a gas. This gas has a consciousness and intelligence, and can merge into a larger ball with other Fairies.

Each sentient fauna has a Dominant, or Recessive trait, which determines mating. All the species can inter-mate, and the Dominant/Recessive system determines which consciousness inhabits the body at the end of the mating process.

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