Jove was created by the Emperor as a trial city for his first creation, the Heir. The city was built as an 8 district metropolis surrounded by small hamlets and farmland. Each of the districts is named after a significant Burmese literary authour, and each of the wide avenues that divides these districts is named after the main roads in Yangon. Edit

During the Heir's reign he was to enforce three main policies: the first, to maintain the Emperor's directive about the progression of technology. The second was to maintain a taxation system to weaken the ability of any citizen's access to recreation and independent thought. The third was to widen and maintain the avenues as the symbol of his own reign.

On the first anniversary of the Heir's reign he formed and led a parade down the primary avenues. During the parade he transformed into the Boar, and began to ravage the populace. Over the centuries a number of different factions venerating and despising the Boar took power of various parts of the city, but the Boar never died and is still alive and continuously rampaging through the city at the time of the Prince.

The Emperor's reaction to this transformation has been to pretend it never happened, and has never been to see the city.

The architecture of the city is based on Haussman's Paris. The wide avenues serve as the arteries of traffic, and bisect the districts which have developed into metropolitan centres. Each of the avenues is lined with statues of those who have sacrificed themselves to the Heir, yet many are destroyed as the Heir rampages through. Beyond the statues lining the avenues are gravel beds, and beyond those are the residential quarters of the city; the residences closest to the avenues are continuously under threat of destruction, but the middle parts of each district are safe and have developed quite rapidly.