The God of Life was the associated God of the original megaplanet that absorbed the other planet. On impact, the God of Life was destroyed, releasing a huge amount of energy that contributed to the formation of life on Jove. The corpse of the God of Life is an enormous grid-like structure, made out of a calcified lignin-like material that forms columns and rows in a giant cube grid. The structure is home to many villages and towns on the "branches", while all around the outside of the structure is a forest, with the trees closest to the structure being the tallest. The forest is "owned" by the King of the Forest, who the Prince of Ravens encounters at the bottom of the huge structure after being sent by the Queen of the Forest.

The structure houses many different species of flora and fauna, including sentient flora that have infested the structure and whom the Prince has to wipe out on his way down into it. There are also many small villages throughout the structure, although those at the top are much more advanced than the ones at the bottom. The Prince encounters a few of these villages during his descent. Finally, throughout the structure there are the Guards of the King, human sized Praying Mantises who guard the King with their lives. The Prince of Ravens is given one of these Guards as a gift from the King, disguised as a young woman. This guard becomes particularly troublesome later when it goes on a killing spree throughout the Prince's army.

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