Fairies are one of the different types of sentient fauna on Jove. Fairies are made of gas, which is indestructible and cannot be blown apart. Furthermore, each Fairy can join with others to make a Cloud, which can be blown apart.

Individual Fairies are able to manipulate matter very weakly in a small area around them, and have weak willpower and a weak conscious identity. However, when multiple fairies become a Cloud, their ability to manipulate matter and impose their will upon the world increases exponentially. A Cloud is a hivemind, and all the Fairies within a Cloud think and act as one being. Clouds come together in order to do different things, and Clouds have been known to interfere with and attack Humans or Human cities.

Fairies are able to mate with Humans and Pearls, according to the Laws of Mating.

Notable Fairies:

Three members of The Six were Fairies.

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