Claudius, Emperor of Jove

Claudius was one of the Immortals, sent from Earth with the Ark expedition in the 24th Century (accurate?).  Claudius landed near to the site of the Prince’s own city, which was the seat of the Empire during the years following the Immortal War but before the Emperor’s death.  Claudius’ own background on Earth is hard to place, seemingly already important on the doomed planet, he was given command of one of the more advanced Arks, and was able to salvage a large amount of this advanced technology during his reign, but this was lost upon his death and subsequent collapse of the Empire.  Claudius preferred not to involve himself in struggles, instead focusing on maintaining good or neutral relations with various parties, especially during the Immortal War.  Claudius did not take part in this war, and was the only (established) Immortal to stay neutral.  After the destruction of the rest of the Immortals and the weakening of the Gods, Claudius took control of Humanity and led the united race in an unprecedented era of peace. 

Claudius had 4 children, Claudius Nero, Agrippina and Germanicus (Prince of Ravens) were born of his wife the Champion of the Goddess of the Hunt, and his 4th child, Livia (the Blood Princess) was born of a different woman, Soluthena.  His first child, Nero, was cursed at an early age, becoming an enormous boar who would attack any who he saw.  Deciding that he was unable to kill his son, but fearing for the safety of his people, Claudius built a city for the boar, populated by prisoners and other unwanted people.  Claudius then devoted his paternal attention towards his other son, the Prince of Ravens.  Born with wings and the same genetics as his father, the Prince was soon realized to be the answer to another major question of his father’s life: the passage of Immortal genes.  Claudius, as well as the rest of the Immortals, was originally sterile.  In order to bear children, he made a deal with the Goddess of Night (through her Champion):  he would give her his first born in order to be cured of his impotence.  It is unknown whether this cure was translated to his other children, as none of them have had offspring of their own, but Claudius gained an assurance from the Champion of the Goddess of Night that if two of his own children were to produce a child, this child would be able to breed with humans and would produce more Immortals.  Tempted by the idea of prolonging his own race, Claudius encouraged the Prince of Ravens and the Blood Princess to fall in love,

Towards the end of his life Claudius became obsessed with a curse, claiming that he was to be killed by his own son and humanity would be doomed.  Intent on maintaining a united humanity, Claudius removed his son from Jove, manipulating his daughter, the Blood Princess, into sending the Prince to the Demon Realm.  After finding out that her father was behind this, the Blood Princess plotted to kill the Emperor, summoning a squad of Demons to destroy him.  However, the Prince was summoned along with these Demons, and killed the Emperor, fulfilling the curse and “dooming” humanity. 

Far from being a bad ruler, Claudius was a very wise and just Emperor.  Ruling over an unprecedented number of humans was doubtless difficult, and Claudius spent much time ensuring that the human race would be safe, united and sustainable.  However, in his desire for unity he became unstable, going far out of his way to squash any who desired their own rule, and destroying any attempts at factionalism or shared living between humans and other life-forms on the planet. 

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