Livia, the Blood Princess was born to the Emperor at the same time as her half twin brother, the Prince of Ravens. The two were forced to be very close, in order to fulfill a theory that if the two were to conceive a child, the child would be an Immortal as well. As a result, the Blood Princess and Prince of Ravens were, from a fairly early age until their early teens, connected by their tongues to a chain that bound them together.

One day, Livia was exploring a forest, and came across a tree. Climbing the tree, she found the higher she climbed, the tree began to take on features of glass, and eventually became glass. Slipping and impaling herself on a branch, her blood "activated" the tree, which spoke to her. The tree claimed to be the God of Cause and Effect, and made her its Champion. Livia, therefore, can create cause without effect, or effect without cause. Livia's main two desires in the world are her brother, the Prince of Ravens, who she is in a (very secretive) relationship with, and partying, which she does pretty constantly, able to do pretty much anything because of her ability to transcend cause and effect. She therefore knows a huge number of different people from all over the planet, and is one of the most well-connected and worldly individuals. She saves the Prince's life a number of times, including when he is captured and imprisoned in The Gaol.

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